Tuesday, February 16, 2016

NBA trade deadline

                As the NBA trade deadline approaches on feb 18 @ 3 rumors swirl around who will be dealt to where. In my opinion there is just no way the clippers trade blake griffin. The Bucks are big sellers and buyers most likely too. But the most interesting part of the rumors is the ones circling Trey Burke. He isn't a big name, or a big guy, all he is, is a SG for the Utah Jazz but when he gets hot he can go off for 30 easy. When he is cold he goes like 4-16 but this has been a breakout year for him and expect him (if traded) to draw at least or Goran Dragic or a David Lee with a first rounder.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Superbowl 50 preview

50 years gone by and here we are with Panthers vs Broncos. The Broncos have a shot and here is what they need to 1. Get the run game going they have to eat clock and keep Carolina off the field 2. No turnovers at all. 3. You can't stop Cam Newton but if you stop Ginn, Olsen, Stewart, and Cam Newton's running game. Only then can Denver win. If Denver gets none of these down or just 1 they will be blow out. If they get 2 they'll lose by 14ish if they get all they will win like 17-14. My final prediction would have to be Carolina 31 Denver 23

Monday, January 18, 2016

Conference Championships NFL

Let's begin in the AFC where the old beat up Broncos narrowly escaped life support Pittsburgh to be here. New England has all their weapons, except for RB's healthy so there is no reason that they will lose. Peyton and the Broncos will be reamed 35-17.

Cardinals vs Panthers, the old and experienced with a stellar defense versus the young and speedy with a stellar defense. With the 2 best offenses and 2 best defenses what will happen will it be a beat down, will both teams be bogged down or will it be a shootout. Most likely it is going to have a lot of total yards for both teams and lots of turnovers. But i have to take the red hot-red sea so Arizona will win 24-20.

Monday, January 11, 2016

NFL Divisional Round Preview

  With the 2nd round of the playoffs approaching on Sunday some game seem up in the air while others are rather decided.

Let's start with Pittsburgh @ Denver this rematch features a battered Pittsburgh team playing healthy Denver not looking good for Steelburgh so far and to make matters worse Deangelo Williams, Ben Roethlisberger, and Antonio Brown are all questionable this week without those three the Steelers are toast. But with them playing I take Pittsburgh 20-17, with 2 of the big three 21-20 Denver wins, with 1 of the three 27-17 Denver wins, without any of them Denver wins 35-10.

On to Kansas City @ New England with much less problems for the visitor. The Chiefs are flying in hotter than anyone while New England seems a little stagnant I have the Chiefs 24-13.

Seattle @ Carolina, Seattle comes in on a stroke of luck of a missed FG and Carolina come in rested and lead By SuperCam. No doubts here for me I have Carolina 31-14.

Green Bay @ Arizona, Green Bay was colder than Minnesota's weather last week until a 2nd half surge where Aaron Rodgers remembered he was MVP last year, but the Cardinals did pound Green Bay 38-8. I think I have to take Arizona in a chippy hard fought 17-13 victory.